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having a friend with the same disorder as you is good because you can vent and they know exactly how you feel but if you’re doing well and they’re having a bad day it can be so triggering and set you back and that sucks a lot

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Peg Entwistle’s suicide

Peg Entwistle was an actress on Broadway and one screen on film.  Her father died when she was 14 and she moved to her uncle’s with her siblings.

In September 1932 she climbed up on top of the ‘H’ on the Hollywoodland sign and jumped off.  A suicide note was found in her pocket saying:

I am afraid, I am a coward. I am sorry for everything. If I had done this a long time ago, it would have saved a lot of pain. P.E.

She was buried next to her father’s grave in Ohio.  Since then, many people have reported seeing her ghost around the sign, including seeing a woman in outdated clothing/clothing reminiscent of the 1930s appearing sad or frightened and disappearing when they try to speak to her.

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A Shit Ton of Columbine Links


These are the links I’ve gathered over 2-3 five years of extensive research on the Columbine shooting.  Included in this is almost everything anyone could think of. Literally, everything there is to know should be in this post. I bolded each of the URLs that I frequent the most. Message me if you have anything to add, please! Note: I do NOT condone the actions of either shooter and I take interest in the subject purely because I find the psychological side of it fascinating. My heart goes out to the victims.

EDIT: I made this post more than two years ago and it is such a mess, so I decided to clean it up a bit! Enjoy to those who still use this post :)

———————Shooters’ Home Videos———————

Hitmen for Hire Rants

Protecting the Weak BROKEN

Hitmen for Hire full (bad quality)

Cafeteria Footage

More Cafeteria Footage

Cafeteria Footage - Eric talking to girl

Rampart Range 1

Rampart Range 2

Rampart Range 3

Rampart Range 4

Eric Harris Pretending to Strangle Girl

'Carwax Commercial' Full

Car Videos

Dylan in his car

Eric & Dylan Home Video 1

Eric & Dylan Home Video 2

Radioactive Clothing 1

Radioactive Clothing 2

Breakfast Run

Eric in 1997

———————TV Specials———————

The Columbine Killers 1

The Columbine Killers 2

The Columbine Killers 3

The Columbine Killers 4

The Columbine Killers 5

Zero Hour Columbine 1

Zero Hour Columbine 2

Zero Hour Columbine 3

Columbine: The Final Report 1

Columbine: The Final Report 2

Columbine: The Final Report 3

Columbine: The Final Report 4

Columbine: The Final Report 5

The New Columbine High School 1

The New Columbine High School 2

The New Columbine High School 3

The New Columbine High School 4

Elephant (2003, film) Part 1

Zero Day (2003, film) Part 1

The Columbine Cause

——————-Aftermath Footage——————-

1999 BREAKING NEWS: Columbine Part 1

1999 BREAKING NEWS: Columbine Part 2

1999 BREAKING NEWS: Columbine Part 3

1999 BREAKING NEWS: Columbine Part 4

1999 BREAKING NEWS: Columbine Part 5

Chris Morris Arrest

Rachel Scott’s Body Being Dragged by Police

CCTV Cafeteria Cameras

Columbine The Day After 1

Columbine The Day After 2

Columbine Aftermath 1

Columbine Aftermath 2

Columbine SWAT Tour After ShootingBROKEN :(

———————News Reports———————

Witness Describes Shooting

Two Survivors Describe What They Saw

Students Describing Eric

Emily Wyant Describes Shooting

Bree Pasquale Describes Shooting

Witness Describes Shooting - Day of

Columbine Survivior Stories (age restricted)

Interview with Eric Veik, their friend

Columbine Survivor Survives Virginia Tech

Former Columbine Students now Teachers

Anne Marie Hochhalter 10 Years Later

Wally Lamb on Meeting Wayne Harris

People Describe Harrises and Klebolds

Denver Pauses One Week Later

Footage of Dylan’s House and The Memorial Broken

Eric and Dylan in Court (audio)

Columbine Evidence Exhibit

Recovery of Bombs Report

More Bombs Discovered News Report

Interview about Cafeteria Bombs

Eric’s Friends from Plattsburgh

Rachel Scott’s Funeral

Dave Sanders’ Funeral

John Tomlin’s Memorial Service

Columbine Warning Signs (Browns discuss basement tapes)

Mourning After Columbine

Library 911 Call

12th Anniversary Video

Audio Shorts

——————-Pictures and GIFs——————-

Eric in Radioacive Clothing

Eric in Radioactive Clothing 2

Eric in Second Half of Radioactive Clothing

Eric Spinning Phone in Cafeteria

Eric acting retarded in cafeteria

Eric acting retarded again in cafeteria

Eric smiling in the cafeteria

Eric setting bike on fire

Eric smashing bike

Eric and Dylan closing Hitmen for Hire Trunk

Eric and Dylan turning off Camera

Eric in Hitmen for Hire

Eric shrugging in Hitmen for Hire

Eric Shooting at Rampart Range black and white

Eric shooting at Rampart Range color

Eric Turning with Gun at Rampart Range

Eric at Rampart Range

Eric happy about his gun at Rampart Range

CCTV Dylan Walking

CCTV Students Running

Eric Strangling Girl

Eric Standing in front of Lockers

Eric and Dylan walking to car

Picture of Eric

Eric before being Chased

Eric Waving and Turning around

Eric Buying Propane Tanks

Eric Smoking

Dead in Library: Low Resolution 1

Dead in Library: Low Resolution 2

Dead in Library: High Resolution 1

Dead in Library: High Resolution 1 (darker)

Dead in Library: High Resolution 2

Artist’s Rendition of Their Dead Bodies

Survivor Photos 1

Survivior Photos 2

Damages Done to School

Yearbook Pictures

Pictures of Eric

Pictures of Dylan

Columbine Memorial

Rachel Scott’s Dead Body

Daniel Rohrbough’s Dead Body

Bloody Shoes Outside School

CCTV Still

Eric’s Handwritten Journal Page Entries

Eric’s Drawings/Schedules of the Attack

Eric’s Diversion Intake form

Harris Home being Investigated 4/20/99

Gymnasium Door Shot Up

Class of ‘99 Full Picture

Eric’s Writing in Dylan’s Yearbook

Eric and Dylan’s Bodies being removed from the school via tent

Columbine 2012 lit up at night

Klebold’s Empty Locker

1 Bleeding to Death sign

Library Diagram


Susan Klebold’s Essay in Oprah Magazine

Top 10 Crime Duos

Why did the Cafeteria Bombs Fail?

Other Miscellaneous Articles

Eric David Harris

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

Dylan Klebold’s Journal

Eric’s Chat Profiles

Eric’s Webpages

Aftermath Articles by year

Dead Victims

Injured Victims

Eric Harris’ Chatroom IMs

Eric Harris’ Journal/ Web journals

Eric’s Lasting Impression Rant

Eric’s Journal (text)

1000 Pages of Eric and Dylan’s Writing (PDF online)

Eric’s Girlfriends

Hitmen for Hire Report

Eric Harris’ Website URLs

———————Descriptions of 4/20/99———————

Columbine High School Massacre - Wikipedia

Vanessawest - Columbine Shootings in depth

Acolumbinesite - 4/20/99

———————The Columbine Report———————

Index downloads

The Columbine Report (PDF, Separated by Page #)

Columbine Documents Organized by Theme

Columbine Report - Mapped out, audio and video included

Columbine Document Library

———————Basement Tapes———————

Basement Tapes Transcripts - wikisource  Broken

Basement Tapes Transcripts - acolumbinesite

Basement Tapes Transcripts + other videos

Transcripts and Articles about Basement Tapes

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sometimes people talk to me and i don’t even listen i just sit there like why are you telling me this why are you even acknowledging my existence please go

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Banff Springs Hotel [Alberta, Canada] - most haunted places in the world

Banff Springs Hotel is a grand hotel that was built in 1888.  There are rumours that this is the hotel that inspired The Shining, but that has been proved false.  There are numerous ghosts that are said to haunt the place, such as…

  • Sam, an employee who died in the 70’s.  He supposedly talks to guests and even helps them with their bags and on the elevator.  However, he vanishes if you try to tip him.
  • A bride who got married at the hotel.  She died after a candle lit her dress on fire; she panicked and fell down the stairs pictured.  She is said to be seen wandering the hotel in her wedding dress.  Guests have also reported feeling cold or chills while they are on the staircase.
  • A family who was murdered in room 873 by their father.  Since the murder the room has been closed but the ghosts still wander around there; reports such as vacationers waking up in the middle of the night feeling paralyzed as well as seeing fingerprints on their mirror that won’t come off are supposedly the room 873 ghosts.
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I found this book to be just a little creepy. It was published in 1991.

just like they looked in the future…

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I think that when you’re young and you experience heartbreak for the first time it is incredibly shitty. You’re little and it’s the first time someone of your preferred gender is paying attention to you and it’s all so special and great and you think that you’re going to marry this person but they change their mind or they’re too busy for you or something’s just not right

But you get over it.

And then you get older and you get a new boyfriend or girlfriend in high school and you meet their family and you love them and the term “high school sweetheart” is so endearing to you and you just want to join the club and you plan long distance relationships for when you go to separate universities

But you break up, and even though it sucks, you get over it.

Then you’re an adult and you meet someone that just shakes your whole world and everything in it and their touch sends shivers down your spine and their kisses make you wild and just hearing their voice gives you butterflies in your stomach and you just think no matter what happens you will never feel the same way about anyone as you do this person

And then things end

And everything in your world including your heart shatters into a million pieces

And you don’t know what to do because the person who would normally fix things

Is the person who made you like this in the first place.

I’m (drunk) and heartbroken, EKC (via whatthethundersaidd)
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some scientists think dinosaurs had feathers


are you fucking serious right now

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Anonymous: where have you been!

For a while I was in the hospital and then I was at home doing nothing and then I went back to work and my work is very very busy and tiring so I haven’t really had time for this blog unfortunately!

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